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Token Maker is a digital tool that caters to the unique needs of avid role-playing game enthusiasts. The platform enables users to create custom tokens featuring their favorite characters, complete with bespoke borders that set them apart from the rest. With Token Maker, you can boost your virtual tabletop gaming experiences, particularly in popular games such as Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

As an RPG tool site, Token Maker Pro stands out for its impressive array of border designs that cater to various user preferences. This feature makes it incredibly easy for game masters (GMs) to choose the perfect border for their tokens. Moreover, Token Maker provides a seamless user experience, with all its resources, including the stamp app and borders, available at no cost and extremely user-friendly.

How to use Token Maker (making rpg character token) ?

To make the most of the Token Maker tool, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Start by uploading the image of your preferred character using the ‘Choose Image’ tab or drag-and-drop option.

Note: You can seamlessly import images directly from their source to the workspace without the need to download them. For instance, while browsing a website, you can select your desired images and effortlessly drag them into the workstation, completing the process effortlessly.

  1. Select a border design from the list provided for your token.
  2. Adjust the color or tint of the border to your preference.
  3. Customize the opacity of the border (i.e., the color concentration) as desired.
  4. Choose a background color that complements your character’s image.
  5. Select an overlay from the list provided and adjust the overlay’s opacity and tint according to your preferences.
  6. Add text to your character token if you wish, and adjust the text size and color as needed.
  7. Finally, use the scaling feature to adjust the token’s size according to your preferences.

Note: It is worth noting that steps 3 through 8 are optional and designed to offer further personalization options. However, if you only require built-in borders and do not require additional customization, you can simply download your token after step 2.

What if I need to make tokens in bulk?

Token Maker provides a bulk mode feature within its stamp tool that facilitates the swift uploading of multiple images at once. Once the images are uploaded, users can customize various features within the bulk mode just as they would in the normal mode. These customizations will be applied to all the uploaded characters/images, enabling a seamless and efficient token-making process.

Can I apply a custom border to my character token?

Certainly, you have the option to upload your own designed border to Token Maker and apply it over the character token to achieve their desired shape. This feature allows for even greater customization and personalization, enabling users to create unique and bespoke tokens that perfectly match their vision.

Can I share my token with other apps?

Yeah, Token Maker lets you share the tokens you make with tons of other apps like Imgur, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. So you can easily show off your cool custom tokens to your buddies and make your gaming experience even better.

Is there a way to upload tokens to Imgur directly?

Yup, you can upload your token directly to Imgur by hitting the ‘Upload’ button within Token Maker. This handy feature makes it easy to share your awesome tokens with others and showcase your gaming skills.

What if there is no direct sharing with other apps?

So, you gotta download your token first from Token Maker Pro. Then you can upload it to any tabletop gaming site, app or other online platform to show off your gaming skills.

How to use the final token?

There are two ways to use it. First, you can print it out on different surfaces like metal, plastic, cardboard, and whatever else you can think of. Second, you can use the token online on various RPG platforms/softwares like Owlbear, Roll20, and many others. So whether you prefer gaming in person or online, Token Maker Pro has got you covered!